Revelation Founders Packs introduced!

Revelation Online has finally announced that Founders Packs are officially available for purchase on their website! Additionally, has disclosed that the highly anticipated MMO will indeed be a Free-to-Play title in it’s NA and EU region with the Closed Beta following as early as the begining of October this year.  […]

Housing in Revelation

After reaching level 40, players can buy their own private property to decorate, invite friends to and gain daily experience for their characters. These apartments are instances that will be located in the inn on the back of the giant turtle that you can’t have missedin our trailers. On the […]

Official Revelation Website revealed

The official Revelation website got a complete overhaul and now offers a lot more functions and information than it’s previous teaser page. Available at the newly designed website now has multiple section, bundled with the latest news, tons of information about game-features and even offers avid fans a kit that comes […]

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview by Eterna Gaming.   E.G: So first question, and I thought I might as well go with the question every person is wanting to know. Will Revelation Online in North America be Pay To Win? How are you looking to prevent players from claiming this term on this […]

Q&A with Publisher

The news site has also had a recent Q&A with The questions they threw at the them, together with the answers you can find below     You’ve never published a Chinese MMO before so what makes you decide to sign up Revelation Online? The freedom provided in […]

Q&A with

June 21st, Imba Shadow held a podcast with Dmitriy Plohov, the producer of Mail.Ru, the publisher of Revelation Online for Russia, Europe, and North American regions. The podcast was discussed in Russian, and I took the liberty of translating the main discussions, questions, and pointers that might interest the audience of North America. […]

Closed Beta Signups

In recent news, has signed an agreement with the Chinese developer NetEase to bring Revelation Online to the west. The English verson is on it’s way. You can now sign up for CBT access by heading to the official website. The upcoming Closed Beta Test is announced to happen on Fall 2016. The […]

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