More CBT1 Keys for Revelation Online!

Still need some Closed Beta Keys for Revelation Online’s first Closed Beta starting on the 3rd of November? We got you covered!

To participate, please do the following again:

  1. Visit this link, so can track Giveaway participation. This step is very important!
  2. Make sure to respond and post a reply in our Giveaway thread on our forums.

Winners will be chosen on the 30th of October* (date subject to change).

We wish everyone the best of luck, may the Wardens of Nuanor be on your side!

  • Cry

    Am I first?

  • Junior Jesus Paixao

    I want one Key please

  • KKuratas

    I want a key to play with my friends 🙂

  • Zeb Iqbal

    i would like a key 🙂

  • Jhonatan Leopoldino Gonçalves

    I need a key to play with my friends, please 😉

  • Qais Masri

    Giff key!

  • CJGamerX

    I would like a key, please.

  • TheStiLLa

    God i hope i get a key….ive been craving an MMO so bad lately

  • Iulian Eric

    I want one Key please

  • Marcus Reis

    I really need a key please

  • Mandrake158

    Nooo is closed, I am trying to find these codes osooo hard, it was soo difficult to find a Cloud Pirates one, now I need Revelation :/

  • dwi

    give me a key please

  • Sovathana Seng

    With a CBT KEY. I would be a great asset and contribution to the future development of this extremely captivating game of REVELATION ONLINE.

  • xDrac

    I have three extra keys, whoever needs one, please reply to this comment.

    • yes please =D also maybe one for my boyfriend? Also no clue how this works, where do i enter the key =3

      • xDrac

        send me a message on our forums please.

    • Jack Hamel

      I’d love to play the CBT, so a beta key would be greatly greatly appreciated. I am currently playing the Chinese client because I cannot play the CBT. Thank you for the chance.

      • xDrac

        send me a message on our forums

        • Jack Hamel


    • Nemiku Nemu

      Hi, can you give me a key please? I’m really curious about this game

      • xDrac

        please send me a message on our forum.

        • Komal Banwait

          Please send me one 🙂

    • TuanMuda Bambozz

      can i have 1,,, im alr installed ,, but no key 🙁

    • James Lynch

      i would like one if you still have

    • sora chan

      Hi, can you give me a key please?

    • MegaMouseGW

      Looking for one myself, just heard about RO and want to try it.

  • MegaMouseGW

    Looking for a key myself. Just heard abut Revelation online and would love to try it.

  • Carito Duhalde

    well i was start to play MMORPG since 4 years ago aprox , i played Lineage 2, Blade y soul , Black desert (beta ), Tera Online , etc i like a lot MMORPG at this moment im playing tera but i saw a video of revelation and i feel excited i start to think , wow this game looks good , this game look better than others , that game have all of MMORPGS in one … I would like to play this game ! and for that reason i like to help you and be a gamer in your game :3