First Round of Closed Beta Announced!

Revelation Online’s North American/European publisher My.Com released the dates and initial details for their first round of Closed Beta, along with a trailer. CBT1 starts October 25th and ends November 8th.

This first round is primarily aimed at stress-testing servers and gathering data to help improve infrastructure. Players may encounter Russian or Chinese text that hasn’t been localized yet, as there is “More localizable content than any other My.Com [team]” have handled previously.

Content confirmed by My.Com to be available upon CBT1 launch:

  • Level cap at 49
  • 3v3 arenas are ‘unlocked’ but unavailable at this time.
  • 10v10 Battlegrounds
  • Hot Springs Inn will be open
  • Four dungeons (Trial of the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow) available
  • More dungeons and content will become available in upcoming CBT stages, to be announced later
  • The ‘most active’ testers will be rewarded with gifts (Whether that’s based on login time or contribution to bugtesting remains undetermined)
  • Founder’s Packs will be updated

What we know from the Russian CBT is that they are  operating two servers with a capacity of roughly 8000 players and are adding a third. North American and European players may or may not have similar server capacities. Events on the Russian servers have the same daily/weekly cycles as the Chinese version. More than likely North American and European players will also have these same daily/weekly cycles.

The original release from My.Com can be found here.

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