Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We are giving away CBT Keys for the upcoming Closed Beta Test for Revelation Online.

For more information regarding our giveaway, please make sure to visit the giveaway hosted on our forums. When participating, make sure to fully read and understand the giveaway rules. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope to see you in the Closed Beta which is scheduled to commence next month!



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  • DarkSouLro

    There a thing I never understand,

    A game starts with alpha or pre-alpha and then closed alpha. Or just starts with pre-beta , then beta and then close-beta , ok.

    Why dafaq you need beta key for example for a game you want to test and see if it has success , the tests about how the game flows and how great it is until the very moment is about alpha, beta should test the server itself , the highest number the better , because many games fail at the beggining of their release.

    Why? because some games had many players on start and server failed,they “broke” because of the highest number of players , others just lagged like hell, beta tests should handle this part of job.

    I hope you get the point, if not don’t mind me , I’m just a random future game dev who hates some logic of most games and I wish to change the lv.

    • Pya

      Good question, and here are 3 key points.
      1. Limit the players, this may seem stupid. But it is very good, it serves as good marketing for a good game. When a small amount of players, and recognisable people say the game is really good. Before you have your own opinion. This creates hype, which as we all know can only be good (joking).

      2. Great way to get people interested in the game, in the game. By making people have to pay to play in beta, it will only be people who want the game to strive, and be succesful. And therefore they will be a lot more helpful, than your casual gamer.

      3. Generally a good way to generate some revenue. This may seem obvious, but this isn’t a bad thing. As long as it doesn’t give too many P2W perks, it should aall be good.