Hot Springs Inn Gives Players Spa Treatment

The production team over at My.Com gave players a sneak peek at some of the lore behind Revelation Online’s ‘Hot Springs Inn’ earlier today. But just what all can players do during their visit to the Hot Springs Inn?

Run by a race of mischievous, magical civets, the Hot Springs Inn is a popular place for players to park themselves while AFK. Vendors just outside and inside of it sell food and drink, which give a temporary experience-over-time and social-over-time buff. Another neat feature, for those that are mentoring/being mentored, is the ‘Mind and Body’ skill, located in the N menu, which increases experience gained by mentors/mentees if they both AFK at the same time.


Some players, however, simply can’t sit still, and there are a number of things that they can do while in the Hot Springs Inn. Use the downtime to clean up your warehouse and inventory, or recast a weapon and armor prefixes (Prefixes determine aspects of the weapon). There’s also the option to level your weapons and armor, as well as break down older gear into mats at the Unpacking NPC.
For those that are looking for a little more activity while relaxing, the pond in the back corner of the Hot Springs Inn offers fishing. A vendor is placed convienently nearby to sell bait and tackle. Unique to the Hot Springs is the chance to reel in a treasure chest, which contains vouchers for fishing proficiency and cloud coupons.
If that’s still not enough, the crafting system doesn’t require players to be in any one location, which means that players can have an impromptu beach grill-off by turning their fish into soups (Or they could do some heavy blacksmithing of gear, but that’s not nearly as fun as drinking and grilling) and potions while they wait for their buffs to tick down.



While it will primarily be a haunt of AFK ghosts (Nobody talks in the Chinese version, at least not on the server the NA/EU community has adopted), the Hot Springs Inn’s status as a daily activity ensures that most everyone will visit it at some point. If the environment and experience aren’t enough of a reason to stop by, it is still a great excuse for a break between dungeons and arenas to refresh and get ready for the evening’s next activities. Or get your clothes stolen.


The original article by Kaeden can be read in its entirety here.

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