Revelation Online Design Concepts – Part Two

Part two of My.Com’s discussion with Revelation Online’s developers on design processes talks about their thoughts on character creation, levelling up, combat and events. In case you missed part one last week, you can read it here.


“…[E]very player wants to create a unique image for themselves.”

When first loading into the character selection screen, players are presented with six classes and three races to pick from. Some classes are race-locked. For instance, the ‘Loli’ race cannot be a Gunslinger (We’ve all been told not to let kids play with guns, after all).

Once players have their character class and race selected, a delightfully robust selection of hairstyles, facial presets, and more than ten unique body sections with sliders to perfectly customize their character’s body type to their liking are offered. The inclusion of RGB sliders for coloration is a much, much, welcome addition that many recent MMOs are still lacking.

Inside of the game, the amount of gear customization is nearly limitless. Scattered throughout the world in each zone are special NPCs who trade in ‘reputation,’ a currency obtained by doing fetch quests around the area. After obtaining enough, players can buy unique fashion items, like a mushroom-inspired dress, bear costume, or pirate outfit, among many others.

“The objective is to allow every player have their own unique and irreplaceable role in the game.”

Each class has it’s own unique role, and even with the same classes in each party, everyone has a distinct job. A dungeon with three Spirit Shapers, a Vanguard, and a Gunslinger, for instance, allows one Spirit Shaper to focus on healing the Vanguard while the other two provide off-heals and DPS. In 3v3 Arena fights, two Occultists can heal a Blademaster while he takes down the first opponent, then gang up on the remaining two. There are hundreds of party combinations, and while the Holy Trinity is a key player in them, there’s enough flexibility with how classes interact that players are able to carve out their own niche.

fairypartyFairy Garden Party Gameplay Video

“Of course it’s not enough to be unique in appearance only. For this, Revelation Online offers deep gameplay modes so that every player can find their own suitable way to grow. Whether you’re a scenery junkie, a monster slayer, a PVE explorer, or a duelist, you can find your own special way to play the game.”

It would almost be enough to just drop players into the beautiful world that the developers have crafted around these characters and let them run wild and explore. Instead (happily, I might add), players have dozens of things that they can do during their stay in Nuanor.

There’s the standard fare everyone has come to expect from an MMO; PvP battle arenas, PvE dungeons with multiple difficulty levels, hidden quests, world bosses, and a rich assortment of weekly activities only offered on certain days. Revelation Online does more with each, though, and presents us with unique weekly events.

The Fairy Garden Party, perhaps the most unique out of all of them, is played in much the same way as Mario Party games; Players roll dice, then move to different squares, where rewards are earned by completing a mini-game (Anything from Rock-Paper-Scissors to platform jumping to a teleport puzzle that’s solved by using the Fibonacci sequence).

Even without the weekly events, which include a unique 20v20 PvP match and a free-for-all deathmatch, Revelation Online is a great draw for fans of PvP. There are several different modes of arenas, outside of the open world and guild-versus-guild system. The developers put in a number of different 3v3 arenas that force players to think outside of the proverbial textured box (Or climb on top of it). 10v10 MOBA inspired arenas pit teams against eachother with a three-lane configuration League and DotA/HotS players will be familiar with.

Some dungeons are limited to the amount of times that players can enter them, but with levelling as easy as it is, it’s entirely possible to sit down and make a new character that’s ready for dungeoneering in a matter of hours. Six character slots, one for each class (Or six Occultists),  is more than enough to satisfy even the hardcore. The quick turn-around on new characters should give most anyone a good way to try a new class without much investment on their part.


“Players can clearly see that they are growing and take pride in it.”

Levelling is the bread and butter of any MMO. Within the first five minutes of play, players will level up two to three times, which makes conveying that information especially important. A number of cues are given to players when that happens, making it easy. The development team took that idea and ran with it; It isn’t just character levels, but also armor, weapon, and skill progression that gets a ‘Hey! Good job! Click me!’ treatment.

“Perhaps, growth in a game is fleeting, but it can move the player enough so that they remember it for years later. Growth and companionship is the most moving part of an MMO game.”

Revelation Online’s developers have given players a very, very rich and eventful world to play around in, one which will foster growth between friends, strangers, and the community. With so much to do and sometimes quite literally not enough time to do it in, there’s thousands of memories to be made.

Part Two in its entirety can be found here, while Part One is here.

  • Tahmoh

    Another great article, you forgot to mention that gunslinger and blademaster options will be added later for the chibi(i refuse to call them loli’s lol) race just as they recently gained swordmage as an option 🙂