Revelation Founders Packs introduced!

Revelation Online has finally announced that Founders Packs are officially available for purchase on their website!

Additionally, My.com has disclosed that the highly anticipated MMO will indeed be a Free-to-Play title in it’s NA and EU region with the Closed Beta following as early as the begining of October this year. 

There are three tiers of founders packs available for purchase, ranging from as low as 15,99€ (17,99$) to as high as 79,99€ (89,99$) with a tier in between for 53,99€ (59,99$).



Each of these tiered packs offers several benefits, items and convenience items. For more details on what exactly is included, please visit the official website.

  • xDrac

    Founders Packs HYPE!

  • Gol D. Hikari

    Is this available on Android ?