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The news site 2p.com has also had a recent Q&A with My.com. The questions they threw at the them, together with the answers you can find below



You’ve never published a Chinese MMO before so what makes you decide to sign up Revelation Online?

The freedom provided in the game was something that stood out for us while playing. On top of that, the game will launch with a lot of quality content, which also makes sure you can level to endgame with a full quest experience. The story driven content ensures we skip the usual grinding, and the game’s various group quests and dungeons keep the gameplay diverse and interesting. Because of this, Revelation had been a tremendous success in China. NetEase understands what Western players like through their experience of publishing Western games in China. This was a strong convincing factor to bring this mythical world to players outside of China.


People are comparing Revelation Online with Blade & Soul. What do you think about the similarities and differences of the 2 games?

The movements in both games play a big role, although in Blade & Soul, it is more based on Martial Arts aesthetics. The inclusion of wings for your character in Revelation uses this movement for freedom of exploration with aerial castles and underwater places waiting to be discovered.



How many people in My.com are working on Revelation Online currently and how many you plan to bring into the team in the future?

At the moment, we have dozens of people working on the game, and among them are project leaders and marketing experts focused on coordinating Revelation’s Western release. A full team of localization experts and quality assurance agents are doing their utmost to get the game’s massive amount of content (we are talking about millions of Chinese characters) ready for our first Closed Beta Test. Our team will be expanded closer to the first public tests to provide quality support, local events, and community management.



What can you tell us about the game’s PvE experience and end-game content?

The game will cater to both enthusiasts of the solo experience, as well as those players that enjoy taking on harder content with a group. The game focuses on making endgame reachable, since many great features like raids and guild content are aimed at high level play. Revelation Online makes sure that you have loads of things to do on your way to endgame, like group quests, dungeons, and many different leveling zones. The game will offer daily quests, raid and group content for PvE players.



How many areas allow open world PvP? How does the game protect lower level players in the wild?

Almost all zones allow for open world Player Killing, but players inside certain zones and under level 40 are not able to flag themselves for the open world PvP system. Peaceful players can just completely opt out of the system, as it is optional.



We saw massive aerial battle involves huge battleships in the Chinese version. What can you tell us about this content?

You asked about the reasons for us bringing the version to the West. Well, this was definitely one of them. The game hosts massive battles, so if you like to get into the thick of chaotic fights, this is an experience you most likely have never had in a long time, if ever.



From what we see at the official site, the names of the game world and classes have been fully westernized without keeping any Chinese element. Do you plan to completely westernize all names of NPCs, locations, and dungeons, etc.?

Only where it makes sense to us. We have no intention of ignoring what made the game a success in China. We will review case by case where it makes sense to westernize names, including, Class names, dungeon names, ability names for spells, etc.



Do you have plans to make characters, outfits and other contents more visually westernized?

My.com is not only publishing the game, but also actively supporting NetEase with the development of the Western version of Revelation. Both parties are very aware that players don’t expect the same things globally. We are discussing some aesthetic changes at the moment, but we want to make sure they don’t break with the overall look and feel of the game.



The game’s Chinese version already has a lot of contents after years of development. What’s your plan in terms of how to catch up with the Chinese version?

We are convinced that our launch offer will have enough quality content to keep players entertained and discovering new features and corners of the world for a while. The localization of new content will take a time, but we are indeed already discussing with NetEase what kind of content we can release after launch.



The game’s developer NetEase Games showed some VR features supported by the game. Will you give them a look and maybe introduce them into the western version of Revelation?

This is a very cool feature, but we will at first focus on gameplay enhancements and extra content.



Do you have any plan for Gamescom 2016? What can fans of the game expect next?

GamesCom is definitely the biggest gaming show in Europe. We have our eye on it, but are not ready to reveal anything more. Please stay tuned!


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