Q&A with My.com

June 21st, Imba Shadow held a podcast with Dmitriy Plohov, the producer of Mail.Ru, the publisher of Revelation Online for Russia, Europe, and North American regions. The podcast was discussed in Russian, and I took the liberty of translating the main discussions, questions, and pointers that might interest the audience of North America. Please keep in mind that the details discussed in the podcast are all specific to the Russian region, and even though the publisher is the same company for North America, the NA/EU regions may not get the identical treatment.



Is the game going to be titled Revelation or Revelation Online?

We figure that the word ‘online’ is an outdated word to slap onto games, considering that even single player games that are being released recently all have some sort of online component to them. We consider the term obsolete, therefore the game will just be called Revelation.


Many people say that your company has previously handled games with a “pay2win” approach. Whether or not that is true, how are you guys planning to deal with p2w elements and will the game be free2play?

One thing that can be said for sure right now is that Revelation will be free to play. As for the cash shop itself yes there will be cosmetics that do not have any influence on gameplay aside from looking good on the cash shop, aside from that, we cannot give you a list of what will be on the cash shop and how much it will cost, as our main focus at the moment is still localization of the game.


We are aware that Revelation has a marriage system, that allows players to get married in game, including characters of the same gender. Please tell us a few things about that.

Revelation prides itself in its marriage system. There are 9 levels of “closeness” (no official term) between characters, and each level unlocks certain perks. The marriage system will be available to two players who have their level of “closeness” at 3 and above. Regarding genders and marriage, we will allow marriage between male and female gendered characters, but we will be restricting marriage between female/female and male/male genders. This is due to several factors, one of which is the law that we must uphold.


Currently the game has 6 classes, are you guys planning to add more classes to the game in the near or far future?

Well, I can confirm that a 7th class is in the works at the moment over at NetEase, but that is all I can tell you. There is still much work to be done.


How far behind will our version of the game be in terms of patches compared to the original Chinese version of the game?

Recently China released a brand new patch with some dungeons and graphic updates. That patch is the one we are going to be starting with, so we are going to be a tiny bit behind the original Chinese version, and we will slowly be trying to catch up as much as possible. It won’t be a massive difference like a year, much less than that, and I think personally it is a good thing, because once a brand new patch hits China (their patches are incredibly large) the Chinese players will test it out, get all the bugs pointed out and fixed, and we will be getting a polished version of the patch soon, so it isn’t a bad thing.


Speaking of guilds, what will be the player cap for guilds, will there be a guild alliance system, and so on. In a couple words.

Revelation will be bringing back the old school guild icon that will appear on the player’s nameplate. If I remember correctly, the player cap for guilds is 150 players, but the developers are looking into increasing that for our regions, if need be. I believe we will have alliances available for a maximum of 3 guilds, which is also a number that may change in the future. Alliances are important for sieges of castles that will be available. Cross-server massive guild battles will be also available.


How is the optimization? The battles are looking to include around 500 people, how will that fair considering fps lag?

Optimization was one of the top goals for NetEase, and in my personal experience compared to other games, during big battles and sieges the game doesn’t lag, it is very well optimized. Many other players say the same.


For leveling, what kind of system are you going to implement, grinding or questing?

Main way to level will be questing, which gives very good exp. It is quite easy to achieve top levels simply doing the main story quest, no grinding required. The story itself is also very interesting and involves many cutscenes. Doing low level dungeons for exp and gear while advancing with the story quest is the best way to level in Revelation.


The Chinese version of Revelation has a reward system that gives a player some perks and gifts. Will that be kept in our version?

Of course. We aren’t looking to take all the fun away from our players. The reward system will be kept, we may modify it here and here, maybe switch up the kind of gifts the players get to suit our playerbase better, but overall we are glad to keep it. We will also have a system of “refer a friend” that will be closely tied to guilds. All I can say is if a player invited 10+ players to the game, that player will be given certain bonuses when it comes to guilds. Detailed will be revealed a bit later.


People are asking about additional chances to get into closed beta. What other ways are there to get in?

We are primarily looking for people who spread information about the game, and help the community grow. Video makers, people who write guides, frequent streamers, if you are an active contributor to the community we will have our eyes on you.


Is there an official beta date?

No, we cannot announce that yet. All we can say for sure is Fall 2016.


Will any regions be blocked from playing this version?

We have to discuss this with our NA/EU publisher My.com, so nothing can be said officially yet.


Will the different target systems affect advantages in pvp?

The game has 3 settings of targeting: click to move, WASD and tab targeting, and non-target. Everyone can swap between them and pick whatever works best for their experience, preference, and class.


Will there be any additional races added to the game?

As far as I know nothing of the sort is planned so far. It may be in the future, but nothing now that I can confirm.


How large is the world really? Any existing game that you can compare it to?

The world is massive, and it isn’t instanced, so there are no loading screens as you explore the world. We have a whole article in preparation right now to showcase the large world of Revelation and the different locations of ruined cities, Egypt themed, water, air, forest. The world is so vast and beautiful and you will never see similar looking areas. We will have a precise measurement of our wold in square kilometers ready soon!


Will there be paid early-access packs?

We have something ready, but I cannot announce this quite yet.


Will the publishers be communicating and endorsing streamers after the game has launched?

Content creators that spread information, hold the community together, and give us feedback are very important to us, so of course we will be supporting content creators and streamers as much as we can because these people support our game.



In a nutshell


  • Officially the game will be called Revelation, not Revelation Online.
  • The game will be free 2 play.
  • Revelation has a unique system of “closeness”, that unlocks a marriage ceremony for 2 players at level 3 of friendship. mail.ru will be turning off the ability for same-sex marriage in the game in accordance with Russia’s laws.
  • There is currently a brand new 7th class in development.
  • The RU version of the game (and probably NA/EU as well) will only be 1 or 2 patches behind, not too much, and mail.ru will be trying to close the gap as much as possible.
  • 150 player cap in guilds, guild alliances available for up to 3 guilds. Both these numbers may vary for our versions, depending on the feedback.
  • The game is well optimized for big open world battles.
  • The player can level all the way to cap through only doing the story questline, and low level dungeons for gear and some exp. No grinding necessary.
  • There will be a reward system for logging in and doing various things around the game that will reward the player with gifts.
  • Recruit a friend program will be available, for recruiting over 10 friends into the game the player will be given some bonuses in regards to guilds. More perks for recruiting more people than 10 are currently being discussed.
  • Content creators such as streamers, video makers, guide writers, bloggers, etc., all have a higher chance of getting a beta key, as the company is prioritizing people who can create the community and promote the game, as well as report bugs.
  • No official beta date yet, aside from Fall 2016.
  • Revelation has 3 settings of gameplay: click-to-move Lineage 2-like, WASD tab targeting World of Warcraft like, and non-targeting TERA-like. The player can choose which one suits them better and switch between them whenever.
  • No plans so far to add more playable races.
  • The world of Revelation is massive and non-instanced, which means there are no loading screens between switching zones.
  • The publishers will be supporting and endorsing streamers and content creators that help the community and the game.


Source. (Laufie) – brought to our attention through Kazixim.