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  1. What are you listening to?

  2. Chit Chat

    Yep, kinda sorta back from the plague. By plague, I mean two colds, back to back. That's what happens when you are around legions of kids. Infectious little buggers.
  3. Extra Beta Keys (x3)

    Look, I understand the desire to play, but xDrac clearly stated he had three keys, and only three. The first three respondents got them. He is not some magical key-generating wizard, you know. If he obtains more, he will most likely post a brand-new thread about them.
  4. Chit Chat

    Better make that a double. Trump got elected.
  5. Chit Chat

  6. Chit Chat

    That would be fine, if only I understood Cantonese.
  7. Chit Chat

    I wonder who they will be hiring for the voice-over work for RO? Anyone have any favorite game voice-over actors? I considered getting into that, had a few friends who did this (one passed away recently :,( she was lovely). Even purchased a course. LOL
  8. Chit Chat

    Soooo, I'm wondering how long it will take us to get this back to zero number of posts?
  9. Chit Chat

    Aw, huggies. :3
  10. Chit Chat

    Tod. (mussel pancake)
  11. Chit Chat

    Pfft. You are mistaken. Nobody here is "little." #neinekleine
  12. Chit Chat

    Bacon jam is the afterlife. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)