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  1. We are recruiting officially on the Revelation Online Forums via: Please check their for out Recruitment information and status. Thank you.
  2. Welcome aboard. Great application. If you need further assistance for CN, you can check the Unofficial Community Discord we have created over at: Alternatively you can check out our forums as there's some pretty informative guides
  3. I'm afraid your description is pretty intensely close to Eterna Gaming. If you wish to talk more, you can PM me.
  4. We have some pretty amazing diverse plans with some of the World's greatest raiders from other MMORPGs. So exciting! Including some amazing community tournaments coming
  5. Discord!

    This has been fixed. Apologies.
  6. Alright, official forums should be coming relatively soon so we won't be as active here as you have seen. For more information, please go to:
  7. How could they avoid Pay 2 Win?

    Agreed. Also you have to understand everyone has a different meaning for the term Pay To Win. In reality, it's just a term for someone to have a reason to complain no matter what the cost. Some people may call VIP subscription Pay To Win, others might now. Some people might call the fact you can turn money into gold in the game, and therefore buy stuff in the Auction House Pay To Win, others won't. People twist the terms entirely to fit their own criteria of what a game should be in their eyes. PAY TO WIN, at least by modern and original definition is when you HAVE to spend money to get the best gear or the cash shop sells items or gear that is better and not attainable in-game or by any other means. That is Pay To Win. Not the twisted sense of morality people seem to have. Just enjoy the game for what it is. They've promised to not have gear and stat boosting items in the Cash Shop, and that is fine by me. As long as there's that, which means Costumes also won't have stats, I do not care at all what is in the cash shop. The term is used so loosely nowadays, it's actually disappointing to see the decline of the MMORPG playerbase. I hope others will learn from this however and not just spread random information on social media and therefore ruin the public image that is Revelation Online.
  8. All the information is provided in how you can grab your UUID on our site... Yep! Some of us are pretty excited!
  9. I'm just catching up now after interviewing the Senior Producer for NA/EU. Check it out here:
  10. Download stuck at 9GB

    Use a VPN to download the rest.
  11. <Forestcrow> Recruiting to be once again #1 guild

    Let's please keep the Guild Recruitment channels available clean. No reason to bash anyone or try to start a flame war. Thanks!
  12. Introducing Revelation fashion blog

    Of course this is allowed! It's Revelation related
  13. Hey there everyone, I'm @Sarumonin and if you know me then you've probably seen me in the Community Discord which we are running to rise the hype for the game! I wanted to inform you all that if you have Facebook and want to provide some fun, active support for the upcoming North American release of Revelation Online - then please by all means check out our community ran Facebook Group! There are a lot of questions I've been asked for a while now and I wanted to take the time to answer them individually. Do you work for You promote the game crazy and even interviewed them! No, I do not work for nor have I ever been employed by and/or I have a deep passion for the game, ever since 2013 when they released information on the game and in 2014 released the trailer at G-Star I had fallen in love. Now at the time the graphics were pre-alpha but I loved the concept entirely! Keep in mind the graphics had a HUGE OVERHAUL since then, and even their trailer was updated to the now super popular Announcement Trailer from So yeah, I have a deep love and passion for the game. I've played since Beta in 2015 and have adored every single update, from the bug fixes to the massive graphic overhaul to changing engines for the game. It was a thing of beauty. Who are you? I've seen you everywhere... I'm no one special I'm just a gamer that loves to experience the world of MMORPGs. I have led a few guilds and mostly deal in Community Management, Marketing and Public Relations for Eterna Gaming. So you may have seen me in most of the games that Eterna has touched. That's about it. In terms for this specific community? I'm simply a Moderator. I don't want anything special. I'll alert @xDrac and @Cryy (Both members of Eterna as well) about news for the game, and even exclusive content. However, I'm just a gamer with a passion for Revelation. Are you going to be a Mod for the official forums? That's not up to me. Of course, I'd be more than happy to accept the job offer if presented to me. However, I'm not looking for prestige or positions to gain anything. If it happens, it happens. Again, it's not something that's on my mind at all. You also Moderate the Discord. How do you deal with all of that?! I've been used to working in Public Relations. I've held positions as Game Masters in other MMORPGs (Under a different name, of course.), I've dealt with thousands among thousands of gamers that love MMORPGs. Discord is just an extension of a forum-based system. I can multitask perfectly when I can check the forums here on my personal computer while I'm on Discord with my phone. Of course, I'm not the only Moderator for the Discord (Thank God...) or else I'd probably lose my mind. @Veremisia is a great help and I'd like to thank her. Our schedules work perfectly as she is in EU and I am NA. So it works in the end. We take turns usually to moderate chats - but most of the time we just let people do as they wish, unless it gets out of hand of course. Any news for an Alpha, Beta? Release?! While I'd love to provide that information, I can't simply because I do not know. I can announce that there will be a Friends & Family test prior to Beta for employees and their family/friends. Beta will be this Fall, so if it brings you comfort then I can say that it will be between September - December for CBT 1. Release information will be announced soon. However, what I can say is that they are hoping to launch fully in Q1 2017, of course this could change due to whatever issues may occur. Do you deal with the Facebook Group? Of course! I personally look over it with some Moderators that help out in accepting people, removing spam, deleting any bots, etc. It's a pretty active group for the North American version. We're not hosting any EU Facebook Groups, but there are groups out there for that reason! Why did you decide to answer these questions? I'l be honest. It's 2:00 AM and I have a bit of time finally. I've been extremely busy managing my Mutli-Gaming Community, while Moderating different Discord servers, Teamspeak, 22 Facebook Groups (Yes, I said 22.. Oh boy.) and some secret projects. So amidst all of that, today of all days, I had time Are you planning on announcing information exclusively to this Fansite? Hmm. That's a difficult question. I will be providing as much information as I can, if that is what you're asking. However, if the question is if I get specific information and I provide it only and exclusively to over anything else, then no. Let me tell you why. All and any information that is exclusive will go to specific areas, luckily and work hand-in-hand and what we know, you'll most likely know. Where can I get more and more information on Revelation? Well, you can check their official site at: However if you're looking at content creators via YouTube as a platform, I would suggest checking out our very own @Cryy via: How can we support Revelation in further?! Oh that's extremely simple! Follow them on Twitter: Like them on Facebook: Follow them on Google+: Subscribe to their Official YouTube Channel: Provide some Fan Art to entice other people! Create content for the game on all possible Social Media. Spread the Hype!
  14. Your class in Revelation Online

    That's the way to go, brother man. As for me, I shall be Swordmage and if (this is a big if) I get bored of it, which I haven't in CN, I'll be Blademaster