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  1. [NA] Divinitas | Roleplay

    ~ What our guild has to offer ~ Roleplay - First and foremost, we are a roleplay guild. We want everyone who is part of our guild to feel involved and a part of the story. We have all been there and done that - joined a guild only to feel like we do not belong because we’re left on our own with no direction or links to other players. Prior to joining Divinitas, we will have discussed with you how your character could fit into our guild. Depending on your character’s role, we plan to host small roleplay events / ceremonies to welcome or induct your character into our guild. These events could be large, involving most of the guild, or small and personal, involving only the new player and key members they plan to interact often with. For example, if you were a Divine Beast that finally joins us after having been missing all this time, the entire House Divinitas may throw you a loud over the top welcome party (whether your character wants it or no). If you were a Scion the event could entail how you were found by your Divine Beast, and how they tested you to see if you were worthy, or made their offer of power and grandeur to you. This could lead to a welcome ceremony where the Scion was brought into the House Divinitas and introduced to the other Divine Beasts and the Ruling Deity. Retainers could be recruited in a more normal way - perhaps you are hired because you were noticed to be an exceptional cook after one of the House members sampled your delightful cooking, or you could apply to jobs the House Divinitas advertises. As a Retainer, your exposure to the divine background of the House Divinitas would be limited, but the option is there that you could possibly be noticed by a Divine Beast if you later on wish to take on a Scion role. All this is up for the players to discuss and plan together to develop their character’s story. PvE - We’re dedicated players who enjoy challenging dungeons, learning them together at our own pace. We’re patient and understanding, and will help each other with our classes and learning new encounters. The core group of us who have run endgame instances in the past in TERA have gotten by without use of voice, so we are not one of those guilds that demands voice participation. We know how to communicate via text! In Revelation, we have every intention of taking on all that PvE has to offer us. We’d like to incorporate running dungeons into our roleplay if possible, but the option to run content just for grinding gear (*coughcosmeticscough*) is there too because we all know how time consuming roleplay is and the two do not go hand in hand. We’d love it if you are active as much as you can be to help with guild resources, as maintaining and expanding a guild hall / instance in Revelation is both time and resource heavy. PvP - We’re open to the idea of incorporating PvP events if there’s interest from guild members. (The role of PvP Officer is wide open at the time of writing this!) In the past, we’ve grinded PvP battlegrounds in TERA for fun and gear (*coughcosmeticscough*), but we are not the hardcore competitive types. Guild Website - We have a website on Enjin for character profiles and journals, and as a place to discuss and advertise events. Guild Discord - Used for out of game text chat mostly, discussing character and story / event ideas. As stated above, we do not require voice, but it’s there if you would like to use it. Guild Time Zone - Super late night NA, as we have players from AU, EU and NA. ~ Recruitment / How to apply ~ We are an +18 guild and do not accept anyone under 18. From now and through Closed Beta, our main focus will be recruitment and character development. We do not plan to do any guild storyline roleplay, preferring to wait for Open Beta when everyone can join. If you are interested in joining our guild: Read our Guild Overview and Etiquette and see if you agree with our rules. Chat to us in Discord to discuss possible character ideas and see how we all get along. Fill out and submit an Application Form on our Enjin site. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to chatting with anyone interested in joining us, or forming alliances with other roleplay guilds!
  2. [NA] Divinitas | Roleplay

    ~ Character Hierarchy ~ The character hierarchy applies to In-Character (IC) relations only. Out of Character (OOC) there will be the usual Guild Master and Officers, the latter of which can be drawn from any of the IC character roles. The IC roles outline how the Ruling Deity, the Divine Beasts, their Offspring, the Elemental Scions and the Retainers all interact with each other. Ruling Deity ~ God of Elements; he has command over the Divine Beasts and once was their heart and home. Aside from the protection and obedience the Divine Beasts give the Ruling Deity, he does not have elemental powers of his own and is dependent on the Divine Beasts for protection and power. The Ruling Deity role is filled by the Guild Master. Whilst lore-wise this is a powerful role (god-moddingly so), the GM will definitely NOT be doing any such actions with without prior discussion and consent. The Ruling Deity role is more along the lines of a motive / catalyst, and will be played more as an absent uncaring parent figure for the Divine Beasts. Divine Beasts ~ Each element has a unique Divine Beast (e.g. Water - Dragon). They bring balance to the elements in the world to keep natural disasters from occurring too often. They protect and serve their ruling deity, finding it difficult to almost impossible to hurt their deity despite desiring to at times. Towards each other, their relationships vary, but at their core, they are family, bickering, fighting, hating and loving each other all at once. Aside from their elemental powers, they can take on a human form in they wish. The Divine Beasts have not been specified to leave their creativity up to the player and what best suits your character and the element. With regards to picking a Divine Beast, it must be unique, so in that case, it's first come, first serve. (i.e. you can't have two unicorns running around for two different elements.) Divine Beast roles should be filled by more active players, as they will be 'leaders' of their Elemental Scions and there will likely be more interaction required. Divine Beasts Offspring ~ It's quite possible the Divine Beasts would have had offspring in the beginning, so there might be little dragons running around in Nuanor now, countless generations removed. These Offspring are not beholden to their Divine Beast parents / ancestors, nor to the Ruling Deity, but also lack much of their ancestor's powers. Elemental Scion ~ Term given to humans that have the Divine Beasts powers gifted to them. The Divine Beast's powers are directly related to how many Elemental Scion they have under their proverbial wing. The more they have, the more powerful they become, and less dependent on their God of Elements. Elemental Scions are only beholden to their Divine Beast, and not to the Ruling Deity. Elemental Scion of a specific Element would not exist until the Divine Beast of that Element has awakened (i.e. that role has been filled by another player/character.) Elemental Scion could come into being via a consensual contract between themselves and the Divine Beast, or the Divine Beast could force their powers on them (either way, the players involved should discuss and come to an agreement.) What the Elemental Scions are in essence to the Divine Beasts is a resource for their power, however, how the Divine Beasts treat their Elemental Scions are entirely up to the players involved. e.g. Elemental Scions could be considered close well-loved family or lovers, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, just tools to be used and thrown away. Retainers of the House Divinitas ~ Stewards, servants, guards, cooks, entertainers, etc in the employ of House Divinitas, who do not know of the divine origins of their employers, or the true source of the Scion's powers. Retainers of House Divinitas roles will not become active until the guild storyline has established the estate for the House. In terms of character hierarchy, the Retainers would be below the Scions, however, this is only IC. ~
  3. [NA] Divinitas | Roleplay

    DIVINITAS is a Revelation Roleplay guild of Divine Beasts and their Elemental Scion, and those they interact with. Our objective is to create a rich mythical backstory with defined character roles and hierarchy, into which you can bring your own individual characters to enrich and populate this world. Ranging from the divine characters, down to your everyday slice of life roles, we hope that Divinitas can offer you something that sparks your imagination. Visit our Divinitas Lore thread for more information or see the excerpts below. ~ Divintas Lore ~ A secretive House that wields elemental magic, offering their powers to those they find worthy... or who pays the highest price. Yet beneath the surface of normality, rumours are whispered that the origins of this House are more that it seems. That its history is steeped in ancient divinity, when Divine Beasts roamed the newborn world of Nuanor, and their roar evoked a thunderous storm of elements. In a time beyond memory, when the world of Nuanor was still being born during the Earth Splitting of the Ancient Era, Divine Beasts came into being. They were the embodiment of elements that formed the earthen realm in which the Nine Continents rested. The Divine Beasts kept the elements in balance, so the world could grow and mature. Their very existence made it so. The Divine Beasts lived within the heart of their Ruling Deity; the God of Elements, returning there to sleep and replenish their strength, for that was their home. They loved their deity, protected and served him, and their deity loved them in return. With the passage of time, and as the world grew during the Mythical Era, so too did cruelty and pettiness as demons manifested in the corrupted hearts of the Wardens. The Ruling Deity of the Divine Beasts' heart grew cold and bitter also, and seeing the possibility that both himself and his Divine Beasts may be corrupted by what was befalling the Wardens, the God of Elements took precautions. Taking his Divine Beasts to the wellsprings of their elements, he bid them seek safe sanctuary, and once the Divine Beasts were hidden away, the Ruling Deity separated himself from his heart. This act was unknown to his Divine Beasts, for a deep, deep slumber soon befell them, and they became lost to the world of Nuanor. The God of Elements broke his heart into many pieces, and sealed them all across Nuanor, believing this would be the best course of actions to keep his heart safe. With his heart sealed away, the Ruling Deity left the world of Nuanor, seeking peace in the Spirit Realm where he could forget his actions and his deep connection to his Divine Beasts. The Era of the Five Emperors rose and fell, the wars between the Demon Gods and Holy Gods and their descendants, all this passed as if in the blink of an eye whilst the Divine Beasts slept. And so the present day dawns in The Era of Xia, when the Divine Beasts begin to wake and find themselves alone and homeless. Their elemental powers are weakened without their God of Elements, and so they seek out humans, gifting them with their powers in return for a place to replenish their strength inside their soul. These humans came to be known as Elemental Scions. With the waking of the Divine Beasts, the God of Elements is called forth from his resting place in the Spirit Realm, returning to a Nuanor much changed from when he left it. He too is changed, for though the sealing of his heart kept it from corruption, existing without a heart left the Ruling Deity cold and uncaring, having long forgotten his love for his Divine Beasts. Yet despite their God of Elements's almost cruel disposition towards them, the Divine Beasts still follow and protect him, their bond deeper, more instinctual. Unable to return to their Ruling Deity's heart for reasons unknown to them, they continue to gather Elemental Scions, hoping perhaps by sharing their powers with mortals, they could find a new home, so they are no longer beholden to their uncaring ruling deity. Please note: The Divinitas lore is GUILD SPECIFIC and only applies to roleplay between guild members. Outside of the guild, when roleplaying with others, the roleplay should be Revelation lore friendly, and to that end we have fabricated a public facade as explained below. The Divinitas lore is also a work in progress, and subject to change (e.g. the Divinitas Lore may change to tie in better with the Revelation Lore as more comes to light / is translated.) ~ House Divinitas ~ As the Divine Beasts awaken and learn more about the present day world of Nuanor, it becomes apparent that revealing their divine past to strangers would be a foolish endeavour. Deciding it would be easier to live in peace and comfort if they created a more acceptable history for their most unusual family, the Divine Beasts and the God of Elements establish themselves as a House of elemental magic users, who will trade their powers for offerings of currency or complete loyalty. With this facade, the Divine Beasts are able to seek out candidates to be their Elemental Scions, whilst their Ruling Deity is able to reside in safety and secrecy. As the Divinitas House is established, the Ruling Deity and the Divine Beasts employ retainers to assist them with running their estate. These trusted stewards, servants, cooks, and guards do not know of their employ's divine history, believing them to be what they paint themselves as; a powerful and wealthy House whose Scions weld elemental magics. The House Divinitas is a Public Facade created to explain our character's abilities to those outside our guild. We strive to keep our divine character backgrounds a secret to ensure we do not cross the lines that may break Revelation Lore and immersion for others. Suggesting that we are scions of a powerful house who have secrets in the elemental magics allows our characters to be relatively Revelation Lore friendly. ~
  4. CBT Key Giveaway #2 [ENDED]

    Looking forward to exploring the world and finding beautiful locations. Definitely want to test out as many cosmetic items as well (umbrellas and dancing in the rain!? Music instruments too?) and see the potential they have in a roleplay setting.
  5. Revelation Lore

    Thought it would be useful to compile a list for Revelation Lore related information and media! Please post if you've found anything lore related that may be useful for roleplayers in developing their history / background. ~ Just in case anyone hasn't seen this thread over on the Official Forums: Revelation's Ancient Lore:
  6. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    @professorpepperjack Thank you for the suggestion! I ran it past my roleplay partner and they thought it was a good inclusion to have as well! Will add it as a subforum for future use.
  7. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    @professorpepperjack Here's the site so far. Not really ready to seriously promote this yet, but passing it around friends and fellow RPers. Would appreciate feedback, especially if there's any glaringly missing information or sections. Thank you!
  8. Character Templates

    Thanks Chilli Dragon! Used it as the basis for my character template after cutting out all mentions of TESO terms!
  9. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    Thank you for the RP subform xDrac! (Now watch it sit empty for ages...) Regarding a channel in the Revelation Discord, that might be an idea. However, would it be a channel for people to actually roleplay in, or would it be for roleplay discussion / looking for fellow roleplayers, advertising roleplay guilds, etc? Personally I don't think the former (actual roleplay) would be feasible in the Revelation Discord, so might be better to name the channel something like #roleplay-discussion ?
  10. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    Previously there was mention of possibly creating a Discord for Revelation Roleplay. If anyone was up for creating and managing it, I've attached a icon that could possibly be used for it. It's just a modification / addition to Revelation icon from the fansite kit.
  11. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    I'm not sure how popular Enjin is as a platform for guild websites these days, but a couple of years ago, that was our go-to for guild website for TERA/FFXIV, and BnS still has a current roleplay community site on there. Had a look around on there to see if there was any Revelation related guilds - couldn't find any thing. In fact, they hadn't even added the game to their list. I've since written in to support and asked them to add the game, and they've done so (with no love, since there's not even an image for the game icon, but at least it's listed now). Long story short, if people still use Enjin these days for their roleplay guild / community website, you can actually list Revelation as a game for it now. I'm currently in the slow painful process of creating a roleplay guild website on enjin and will post more info when there's more than bare bones on the site and endless placeholders. @Feolainn Where would be the best place for RPers to post their info on this site? Like the Official Forums, there's no sub forum dedicated to RP here, so for now, we just post in the general forums if we want to advertise or discuss anything RP related?
  12. Any planned RP/PvX guilds?

    I've been lurking on the official forum guilds subforum too, and there's a distinct lack of any guilds who even mention RP. It's generally PvE/PvP/PvX... Does not help at all that the official forums doesn't have a subforum for Roleplay, and being told that we should use the "Fan Creations" subforum where people generally put fanart, videos, etc, just isn't the same (haven't seen any roleplay dedicated threads there either). Same with the Revelations Discord - no channels related to RP, and when there was a guild listing channel, no mention of RP in any of those recruiting guilds either. Feels like either the Roleplayers are all lurking at the moment, waiting for Closed beta, or there just aren't many of us that know about it? (Certainly some of the RPers I mentioned Revelations to had not heard of it prior to my asking them about it.) Considering how many roleplay elements there are in Revelations, it feels like there should be a lot of things to draw the RPers out of the clockwork, and there should be so much hype from the roleplay community, but on that front, it's all very silent and strangely absent. Are we all so just very private now we keep in our very niche cliques? Main problem could very well just be a lack of a common place for RPers to gather - I haven't been able to find an enjin for Revelations Online RP at least - please link if there is one already! Official forums not having an RP subforum also hurts the RP community on that front too. I think if we had either of those platforms, there'd be more communication between us.