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  1. haha I'm not here for the key, but that CGI trailer was touching. I wish everyone the best of luck! there is a big content drop this CB so i hope everyone can experience what it has to offer!
  2. congrats for everyone!
  3. Hello again! I'm back for another key of course! from the first CB I've reported a lot of bugs, and i hope that i can continue to do so!
  4. Giveaway #3 Winners announced

    Thanks Very much! i hope to make this game greater for everyone!
  5. CBT1 Key Giveaway #3 [ENDED]

    There is a really good comparison between Blade And Soul. i have been playing BnS since the first CB1 and the game gets boring quite fast. after you run through the campaign all there is to do is PVP. Not to mention, the Story is really boring, and i found no interest in it at all, Also did you know there is an anime about the game? Don't get me wrong the PVP ( and the combat in general) is amazing in BnS and those who are competitive will enjoy this because its an E Sport Visually BNS doesn't change, after a while i don't care about the environment and the scenery, i just get impatient and try to hit lvl 50 and ignore it, not to mention the long load screens and the poor optimization. Overall BnS IS STILL WORTH PLAYING. it is the first MMO i fell in love with, and I'll probably always play it solely for the PVP when i feel competitive or there's an event that I'm interested in, or when a new large patch releases Revelation on the other hand, seems to be more fun, and there's more to do when it comes to PVP and PvE, this will keep you busy once u hit that max level (max in east is 79) and i like the approach. it also looks beautiful. Me personally, i like team play more than solo, it gets people together and makes a great community. These are just some reason that i think Revelation will replace my number 1 on my fav list. I would like to hear others thoughts. tell me what you think! i hope to win a copy! i would like to try out the game and decide on how i should spend my money on it. testing the game of course will be my main goal, if i fall in love with it then i plan to make the game better