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  2. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Uuuh... I no have Luck...
  3. CBT3 KEY

    Gamespot just started a giveaway. I am downloading the beta client now. Thought I would share.
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  5. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Thanks man!
  6. CBT3 KEY

    and me too
  7. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Wow!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! Congratulations to all winners
  8. Olá a todos, a nossa página Jogos RuMary está a sortear 1 Chave para o CBT3 que será anunciado ainda hoje à noite. Para poderes participar só tens que: ★Deixar Gosto na nossa página do Facebook: ★Partilhar publicamente a publicação: ★Deixar um comentário na publicação: Vêm como é simples? Obrigado e boa sorte! PS:Caso algum dos participantes não cumpram estes três requisitos, não serão válidas as participações.
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  10. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    I cannot thank you enough! This made my entire day : D
  11. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Well, it's the first time I'm winning a giveaway haha! This just made my day, thank you so much!
  12. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Omg, thanks so much!
  13. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    gratz to all =)
  14. How can i get the key?

    Hello anyone or admin i've follow every Quiz and GIveaway in CBT 3 but i didnt get any key how can i get the key or anyone have more than 1 key Please share I can't play this game from CBT 1 because i didn't get any key ;(
  15. Hello!

    Hello, I am a 23 year old gamer from a small twin island in the Caribbean called Trinidad & Tobago... I am a dedicated healer/support. I have played almost every mmo out (i think). Really am interested in this game
  16. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    omg thanks thanks thanks <3 <3 <3
  17. An update: re-verified game files and it worked for around an hour, then got another crash ;/ Hopefully doesn't happen again.
  18. I'm running this game on my Asus laptop (7 years old or so) and it has an Nvidia 745m graphics card (pretty low end) with an i7. The game runs pretty nicely, only real beef I have right now is can't seem to find V-Sync option ingame. It might be in a different language. Besides this, i've crashed twice to desktop having been in game for no more than 5 minutes. Any tips? As of writing this post, I am reverifying some files on the menu like the nice dialogue box told me.
  19. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Omg omg .. i won 😍😍 I can't believe it 🙈 thank u aloooot 🙏🏻💞
  20. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Oh, I just get back from work... And it was a bad day and now this ... Really thanks for this short message it makes me feel much better Thanks
  21. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Thanks alot!
  22. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    All keys should have been sent out by now. Please check your forum inbox if you have won.
  23. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Congratulations for all the winners!
  24. x1 of x70 CBT3 Keys won: 1@Daerandal 2@Zeigadis 3 @Eisette 4 @TechnoDaft 5 @chefbob 6 @Namash 7 @Zalec 8 @Cruxifides 9 @Darkus 10 @Anariel 11 @Swift 12 @Devlust 13 @theWave 14 @fireash 15 @lindelice 16 @SerenadeOfDeath 17 @vinay 18 @Iathema 19 @Ryuuga 20 @Brockhard 21 @zakrige 22 @Wudi 23 @Dragonlady 24 @Vynn 25 @Dunami 26 @Yumii 27 @david 28 @Anawrin 29 @SirDerpalot_ 30 @Moshiyo 31 @Handren 32 @Aranorde 33 @phill 34 @Guyxd 35 @Yasuo 36 @Majesterus 37 @aleph93 38 @Nasai 39 @Catfrost 40 @Selwind 41 @Emblazer 42 @Soly 43 @CloudT 44 @Vamper 45 @Rem 46 @Reone 47 @Dee 48 @Gatita 49 @Ikari 50 @Andreze 51 @DodotheGrey 52 @Mikorin 53 @Arc 54 @EagleShadow 55 @Eizuru 56 @Niamasa 57 @Salokin 58 @Meridial 59 @TheMightyBatman 60 @OfLord 61 @Shadye 62 @perioner 63 @Mei 64 @Xeile 65 @vienka 66 @chtyzc 67 @Wicher 68 @Handren 69 @BrutalOne 70 @Eisboleas Also, congratulation to @LorinTerras for winning an Explorer Founders Pack! I will begin to send out the Keys now, please allow for ample time for it to get to you. Those who won, please keep an eye out on your inbox. If you won a key, you can activate it here: "Redeem a promo code"
  25. Closing Giveaway participations now. Please allow for ample time so winners can be selected and messaged, I'd count in a few hours. Check back here later today to see if you're one of the lucky people who won! I will update this throughout the day.
  26. Hello. I really want to cbt3 key. I can test CBT2 and this game awesome!. I really really want play in cbt3
  27. I liked to test the game, since cbt1 I try to test more until today I did not have a chance, so far only on youtube and twitch watching about the game with hope of playing it soon.
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