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  2. We will be having a fun and relaxing Guild event this weekend! All Guild members are invited to the event, including new members joining prior to the event! Join us today and have fun together! Check out our Discord server for more information about the event. Most of us are working adults and Uni/ Poly students! We believe in having fun together rather than stressing ourselves out in game as working/ studying is stressful enough. Our timezone is GMT+8 and most of us are from Singapore and Malaysia. We are actively recruiting! How to Join Us: 1. Apply for the Guild on our website at 2. Log in to the game and press CTRL+G to open up the Guild window. Search for Einsof. Click apply for Guild/ join Guild. Complete the 2 simple steps above to join the Guild successfully! Guild Information: Name: Einsof Server: North America (Darkfall) Discord: Contacts: Einzo or Mionn Look for us in our Discord server if you have any questions~
  3. What are you listening to?

  4. Hello players! I am the leader of a community named Arcanics, we are a friendly gaming community and certainly not new to the MMORPG playstyle. Back when a game named PSO2 came out is when we were thriving pretty nicely, then again in Blade and Soul, but since then we swapped websites and voice communications, our community base has fallen short. Now we're back at it again recruiting new players for our new Revelation Online guild, and we don't plan on stopping there. Info In-game guild name: Arcanics Leader: Bashea Preference : Both PvP and PvE, though we will be assigning people into teams depending on their play-style and preference for easier communication. Play-style: Casual - Semi-Hardcore Server: Darkfall Website: (also contains our Discord) A few little things to keep in mind before joining us. • We like activity, if you plan on being absent or playing another game for a bit just let us know in discord. • You must be over the age of 17 in order to join, we tend to have a pretty vulgar mouth. • Discord is required. You don't have to actually use the microphone, but I do expect you to be able to come in our discord and listen in on our conversations when we're doing things as a guild or having a meeting. •The website will be required in time. You do not have to sign up for the forums now, but we do expect it after the game is released and we start doing guild activities. • No white knights. Yes, we do not tolerate white knights. If that hot chick in our community does't ask for help, don't go out of your way to give her items or help her out. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our community. Feel free to message me in Discord if you would like to chat or just try us out!
  5. NcN Recruiting

    NcN is recruiting any and all players. We like to play and have fun while also working hard to accomplish everyone's goals in the game. We are a family of gamers and the guild itself has been around for over 18 years. Any interested players can visit our teamspeak. Server: and no password. We also have discord if you prefer that. Any questions feel free to message me. See you in game
  6. A few questions from a total newbie!

    That's the most beautiful accessory ever! ^^
  7. A few questions from a total newbie!

    Found an example for you, nifty head costume!
  8. Welcome to Elysium Time Zone : Central European Time (CET) Primary Language : English Server: Not sure yet WEBSITE: WWW.ELYSIUM-RO.COM Who are we? We are friendly group of active players ,so close to each other that we are like a family. We treat each member in our guild as a brother in arms, meaning you will not PvP alone or find yourself stuck on a quest within the world. We quite simply never leave a guild mate behind…. However, we will also not babysit you or hold your hand, if you are simply inept to wear our tags then it's simply that. But we will put hours and days into training anyone with the heart for it. We have played BnS , PwI , LoL together for more than a 6 months. We talk 24/7 in discord via voice chat. We are one of the top clans in BnS , I am the best Cleric in NA West PwI server and we have some very good LoL players. What is our goal? Elysium is recruiting serious players who wish to experience the best of end game in Revelations Online. We are PvP and group oriented; however, we still have plenty of players interested in building and crafting. Our rank system Leader: His role is to oversee everything that's going on in the guild. He will see that everyone follows the rules and sorts out conflicts. If you get in a fight within the guild you can seek him out and he will hear out all sides of the story, then he will make his own judgement of the situation and act as he see necessary. He always will try to talk things out if it's possible. He is also the person who is making connections with other guilds, but he will discuss with everyone before making decisions about alliances and wars between other guilds. He will be the one to organize and lead large scale battles. Vice Leader/s: The people right under leader, their role is similar to his. They will advice the leader and help him with almost all the decisions. In this position there will be stages though, as you gain his trust you will get more privileges and responsibilities. Event Manager/s: The people who will think about possible guild events to do, how to make them work and host them. Website Manager: Creates and designs the website and manages it. We will require you to be skilled in html/css to take this position ,also some other basic knowledge with google spreadsheets. You aren't required to do the art for the website. Officers: Commands their own groups in large scale battles, the Leader will be giving them basic orders which they will adjust to the specific situations. They will also tell the leader what's exactly going on in the area they are in, so he can see the whole picture and think of good strategies.They will also tell the leader/advisor who is not doing well or not listening ,so the leader/advisor can take some actions.They should talk in discord too+know about the game. Members: Every member has the right to suggest things and have a say in big decisions. Any member can recruit more people but the Leader or an advisor with that authority will make sure the recruit have read what this guild is about and agrees on the ideals. Recruit: A Newly recruited person who has joined on a trial based or training period before becoming a member.They will be watched as well as included in guild activities so that we can properly assess if they possess the necessary attributes that we require for them to become a Full Member. It is possible for one person to hold multiple positions if s/he can handle it. The idea is to divide the jobs between different people for convenience though, it's better to do one job well than do a sloppy job in all of them. Also after first closed beta i will gather some people from each class and I will make them Class Couches. How can I join? Right now we are looking for friendly people who PvP or love to grind. Attention seekers , drama queens , trollers and haters are INSTA-kicked. English speaking at least to the point of understanding, or have a translator friend with you. You have to at least be able to listen our Officers for instructions in wars via voice chat.We do not require you to speak ,but any role member+ will be locked for you. Requirements- For more information check our site. We have a website - click with application form. For Discord invite - pm me.(Alex!#1173) Intro Created by: Raine and Mirabell
  9. So now that you've tried out the game and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the different classes after 3 Closed Beta phases, what will your choice be when the game goes live? :> Personally I'm really curious about the results, so give us your vote and feel free to tell us how excited you are about the coming Open Beta!
  10. Hello, hello, hello~!

    Oh, yeah, I did miss it! Thanks, you made my day.
  11. A few questions from a total newbie!

    I see! Thank you very much again. <3
  12. Hello, hello, hello~!

    /waves In case you missed it, head start is on the 27th if you have Founder or Deluxe Pack, else FtP from the 6th of next month!
  13. A few questions from a total newbie!

    Unfortunately I cannot answer the first 4 yet, but as for Falmari, yes they are cool but your char options are very much human looking. With armors, you might be able to emulate their fashion though, there are quite a lot of styles around As for 4. I know there is an anti grief system in place. Something along the line that if someone attacks you, and you do not fight back, they get a penalty. And if I am not mistaken, after a good while, you become immune/can turn off pvp. Not at all sure about this though, just picked it up here and there. Maybe someone can correct me. There are plenty of places, large ones too, where you can RP in peace though, in case you find it too obtrusive. Welcome! It's such a fun game.
  14. Hello! With the premise that I haven't been able to play RO yet (but my hype is pretty much skyrocketing and reaching stratospheric heights), I was wondering if anyone could help me shed some lights on a few aspects of the game. 1. Guild castles/areas/regions/whatever. Thanks to Cryy's, Steparu's and other Youtubers' videos - may you guys have an endless reserve of top quality booze - I saw both a sort of underwater palace and a more classic Eastern style town. Are they two different guild territories, and you get to pick the one you like better? Or are they both part of the same, massive guild region? 2. Are you able to dye common armors, as well? Or only cash shop outfits? 3. What is, exactly, the PvP "Slaughter" mode? 4. As I tend to role-play in MMOs I like, I would love to enjoy my RP without the constant worry that some random PK might show up and attack me for the lols, because they clearly have nothing better to do. Is there any manner to 100% avoid PvP if you don't want to engage in it, regardless of your level? Outside of cities or safe sanctuaries, I mean. 5. I know little to nothing about Falmari - but I love them already, I've always had a soft spot for aquatic/siren-looking races. Do you think it would be possible, with the right accessories, to create a character looking like a Falmari? Thank you in advance!
  15. Hello, hello, hello~!

    Hey there! I'm Serenade, an Italian coffee-loving gamer and bookworm, and of course a huge fan of MMOs. My interest is mainly focused on PVE and on the potential role-play aspects of the game, but I don't shun some PvP or GvG every now and then. I've been stalking around the forum for a few months now, guess it was about time I stepped in. ^^ RO seems so amazing, I just can't wait for its official release. See you all around!
  16. Welcome to Lucidia! NA | Casual/Semi-Hardcore | PvX Lucidia is a guild founded by two friends who have traversed across many MMOs together. We are a judgement free zone and we are here to welcome everyone Lucidia is a PvX guild that leans more towards PvP. Communication is Key so here is a link to our discord! Rules: 1) Try to be as active as you can. Activity is what keeps a guild alive! 2) Please be mature and respectful to others. 3) ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA! 4) If you are going to be away for a period of time, please let a Leader or Officer know. Communication is key 5) If you are inactive for 35 days without prior warning, you will be kicked. 6) Relax and Have fun! Lets build this guild together Guild Leader: Aeiisi Officers: Darren
  17. Stream/youtube doing things on R.O

    Funny thing is tomorrow is my bday (Feb 1), so i'm going stream most the day, been trying rest much possible so I can do it, lol
  18. Stream/youtube doing things on R.O

    Nice one Deathy! Grats! Will check your video out.
  19. ADDICTION Guild latina recluta

    Hola soy new queria saber en que subserver estan? 1 o 2?
  20. As I mentioned on the Close Beta Key give away, if I was given a key/E.pack I was going make content, to uphold the truth to my word, I already started to stream where people can come interact and i'll try stupid stuff out. Twitch : 1st video : most footage will be from my stream and i'll check the forum's to take any ideal's or stuff to try out, also if you join my stream i'll try my best to be entertainment of sort
  21. All Keys have been sent out now, please check your PRIVATE MESSAGES. All 10 winners of the Deluxe Founder Packs were messaged too, please check your messages and reply back as soon as you can, so I can send you your Key!
  22. Sending out the keys now, apologies for the delay.
  23. CBT3 Giveaway Winners

    Congratulations for all the winner!
  24. Silent Eclipse is now Recruiting Silent Eclipse is an English speaking social, semi-hardcore guild with casual mindset, each person is a name here and not a number. We encourage people to get to know each other and develop friendships in the guild. We still have a serious side however, and the guild will have plenty of dedicated members looking to grind content. Our Code of Conduct is best described as "common sense". We expect you to act mature and treat one another as human beings. Silent Eclipse is filled with experienced MMO players who work very well together and can offer you an active, chilled out and relaxed environment that still loves progression. What we look for in potential members are sociable like-minded people that are willing to contribute to the benefit of the guild and the community as a whole. Guild quests are mandatory, both from the NPC and from the Task Board. Without those we'll not be able to grow as a guild. To help us find members for our community that will best fit it helps if you tell us enough information about yourself. We are mainly interested in your (gaming) background, personality and what you are looking for in a guild/community. Guild quests are mandatory, both from the NPC and from the Task Board. Without those we'll not be able to grow as a guild. Whilst not mandatory for day to day content, we do expect members to use TeamSpeak for raids and endgame content. Discord for getting to know the community and us to keep contact and track of our members and their classes. Website to share guides and post longer discussions that would otherwise get lost in Discord. Between CBT's we play various games together which is of course optional. Overwatch, LoL, Cards Against the Humanity, Tabletop Simulator to name a few. If you like what you read and have any questions or want to show an interest PM Misty in Discord: Misty #1516 Apply: Silent Eclipse
  25. Gunslinger

    the gunslinger have skill became a robot so cool.......
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