First Round of Closed Beta Announced!

Revelation Online’s North American/European publisher My.Com released the dates and initial details for their first round of Closed Beta, along with a trailer. CBT1 starts October 25th and ends November 8th. This first round is primarily aimed at stress-testing servers and gathering data to help improve infrastructure. Players may encounter […]

Official Reddit and Discord has officially revealed their Revelation Online Reddit and Discord. Their /r/Revelation_online reddit is also giving away x20 CBT1 Keys for the upcoming Closed Beta as well, as part of a welcoming promotion. Both links can also be found on our FEATURED page on the top menu of our website.

An Introduction To Gear, Revelation Online’s North American and European publisher, released a primer on gear detailing the basics. Staying true to ‘holy trinity’ dynamics, there are three classes of armor; Cloth for Swordmages and Spiritshapers, Leather for Gunslingers and Occultists, and Plate for Vanguards and Blademasters, while weapons are specific to each […]

Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We are giving away CBT Keys for the upcoming Closed Beta Test for Revelation Online. For more information regarding our giveaway, please make sure to visit the giveaway hosted on our forums. When participating, make sure to fully read and understand the giveaway rules. We wish everyone the best of […]

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